3 DIY Asian Detox Teas + Steam Inhalation Therapy (Body & Mind)

3 DIY Asian Detox Teas + Steam Inhalation Therapy (Body & Mind)

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♥ Watch this video to discover 3 Asian Superfood to Detox the Body & Mind + Steam Inhalation Therapy + 10 Amazing Benefits!
♥ I’ve personally suffered from bloating, bad digestion, period cramps as well as breakouts due to the hot weather. Drinking these teas on a regular basis have helped reduce those causes. YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM. =)
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1) Cleanse & detoxify the body
2) Aid in proper digestion
3) Speed up weight loss
4) Calming & healing properties
5) Beautiful & youthful skin
6) Improves the quality of sleep & increases energy level
7) Reduce joint pain & muscle soreness
8) Home remedies to relieve congestion
9) Strengthen immunity
10) Relieve menstrual cramps & bloating

Lemongrass Tea = 4 cups Water + 3 Lemongrass Stalks
Turmeric Tea = 4 cups Water + 1 tsp. Tumeric
Ginger Tea = 4 cups Water + 1 tbsp. Grated Ginger

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Christina Maciel says:

I use a piece of ginger and a spoon of turemic when ever I make juice, vegetables or fruits or mix of them. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome long time ago. I'm going to try the tea before going to bed.

Roksana Baranowska says:

One thing. There is no such thing as detox tea, detox diet etc. the only thing that detoxify your body are LIVER and KIDNEYS.

Cameron Heinz says:

I would love to know about golden milk

crystal colon says:

I am looking forward to getting healthier using your tips and diets! I do have one request! I’m new to your channel but my husband has the opposite problem I do. He is naturally skinny and wants to gain weight naturally. He EATS EATS EATS! Nothing gains.. we both have the same unhealthy diet. Only he won’t gain and I can’t stop gaining. Even using dietary remedies and working out! Your natural way seems to be the route I should have taken years ago. Unfortunately my husband can’t benefit from this unless you can help guide us in the proper healthy way to gain weight! I would be ever so grateful!

Ally Reed says:

Please more videos on Asian cuisine I love this

Shero Girl says:

I am glad I found your Chanel… so informative. Thank you so much

Raja muhmmad Ahmed says:

I am new subscriber😎

Raja muhmmad Ahmed says:

Helo you are chaines and me a Pakistani than we are good friends ❤️

Alma Cuevillas says:

Thank you maam soh nice and all of the 3 ill be try it.

hansika s says:

Hey jo ..ur hair is very nice how to maintain.tel me secret??

x Buni says:

Can it be drink like ice tea or does it have to be hot?

Krista Kae Lazatin says:

can i just drink one of these teas in an empty stomach and hit the gym/ exercise? thank you.

saritha harshani says:

Can u mention what is the best time to drink lemon grass tea, plz

Allee Ea says:

Very informative and beneficial!! Thanks for sharing

Beatriz Garcia says:

It sounds really good.  I will try the lemongrass steam for my face.  Thank you I enjoy your videos.

Ibtissam Oui says:

I recently started following you and I think that you're the best !

diksha 29 says:

you are amazing joanna..i am indian and i just love your videos. so motivating.

Heidi Falzon says:

I love ginger tea I make my own until it ate away at my pot! 🙁

nasrin mallick says:

hey. I am in china.want to meet you.

Nur Amira says:

hey joanna, i wanna ask whether when we're on period, can we still do it and drink it?

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