How to use Bentonite Clay for a full body detox.

How to use Bentonite Clay for a full body detox.

How to use Bentonite Clay for a full body detox.

Bentonite Clay detox ability to attract toxins, bacteria, heavy metals, and other noxious substances comes from its positive electrical charge. With toxic and unhealthy substances tending to have a negative electrical charge, they are irresistibly attracted to the radiantly positive pole of the clay. This includes all unhealthy substances, even radiation! To achieve a full Body Detox it’s best to use Bentonite Clay internally as well as externally.

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Stuart Kaufman says:

I drink distilled water and Redmond clay. Is there any reason why I should be consuming a different brand of clay?

Stuart Kaufman says:

You're using a metal spoon to mix your clay in the water and I am told that is not a good idea.

Angie Rowe says:

I drink this every day, I use a metal spoon & a glass too just like him, I think he knows!!

i Spy says:

I love eating it without mixing it with water. Lovely earthy taste. Yummy

Sourcepowa says:

You need to Detox yourself first mate.

Lizzie Clay says:

I enjoyed this information. Thanks so much.

Estela Villar says:

Great video. I love your funny expressions. Are you German? I use a good quality plastic spoon myself but I don't think it's such a big deal. You are only stirring the mix for a few seconds which is not long enough to pull any metals from your spoon. There are people who have been doing this for a long time and they say it doesn't make any difference. I suppose it's debatable. However, I use a plastic spoon just in case 😉

Ab B says:

No no no, instead of detoxifying just add even more devistating toxins to cure the cancer. That should do it… Modern medicine

Blondehairedwarrior says:

Metal spoon????

Bela Vilinka says:

Always use the wooden spoon and prepare the glass in the evening before bed and drink it in the morning. I did a full 21 days detox with clay, bath clay, massage with clay and so on. I also offer 21 day detox with clay in Bio Wellness Detox center White Fairy.

Sara B. says:

Sorry, another question, doesn't it clog the bathtub pipe ? Our blender has a metal blades, I think it wrong to get rid of toxin, metal, but to mix with a metal blender? And should be beeswax candle too, the paraffin candles are toxin too.
Thank you

Sara B. says:

Thank you for your information. May I ask where you get these clay that are clean and without any toxin?

Björn Persson says:

Yeah, kitty litter FTW!

Ritch Flynn says:

Fantastic video

Freedom Justice says:

OMG i cant wait to get the magnetic one!!!!!!

twinny12009 says:

Can you take the clay at night instead of in the morning?

Vallari Treacy says:

mix the clay in water the day before and then 12-24hrs later the clay is smooth and goes down easy. plus, it goes through digestion easier. just think of it along the lines of soaking like we do with beans.

DDDE44 says:

With your weight loss, and you talk about toxins?
You're full of toxins

Robin Stone says:

Interesting video and I'm obsessed with your voice!

Robert Adkins says:

this arnold swartzenegger sure is smart

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